Saturday, October 23, 2010

essay 2. intro.- saaben mendoza

In 1891, Old main opened its doors and was the first building to house classes for the University of Arizona. There were about 32 students that day and Old Main contained everything for them: classes, rooms for students and staff. It was the heart of the school and that stays true today. Geographically, Old Main is at the center of the campus. On the map of U of A, it illustrates how the college expanded and branched out from Old Main. Today, Old Main is smaller in size because it was rebuilt due to a fire, and its purpose is to house the Dean of Students. Old main looks like a peaceful place with vibrant green grass, crimson brick walls, wide open porches, and surrounded by massive trees. It’s a casual place by day, but at night, old main embodies the atmosphere of a haunted house. However, few notice the spookiness of Old Main because most people relax at Old Main during the day and at night they disregard that the building even exists and if they happen to notice it they walk a little faster. Interpretations of Old Main depend upon the time of day one visits and the individual’s reason for the visit. Old Main is either a place that signifies one of U of A’s relaxation areas or a place that reflects the dreadfulness of U of A.


  1. I like the point you made that Old Main is the point at which the university branched out from. I think you could expand on this thought..physically buildings are placed around old main, but have purposes of the university stemmed from here too?

  2. i really like this caption, it was cool how you say that the building truly changes based on the time of day. this was a good observation. it was also good how you start your captions by talking about both sides of old main and then you later go deeper into each of its sides.
    it is interesting how old main is the center and "heart" of campus yet it has a negative connotation because of its spooky history

  3. you talk about it's alterego but id rather hear about the ego that it embodies in this picture. go into the aura it gives off and what the building stands for. you show us what isnt seen by stating it is the center of the school but what part of this picture demonstrates this feature or it? for exaple, the significane of it being between 2 trees so emphasize it as the center.