Saturday, October 23, 2010

essay2- saaben mendoza

This photograph was taken at night; the dark image portrays the creepy essence of Old Main and how it promotes discipline. During the night, Old Main takes the form of a haunted house with the dark trees, murky shadows, creaky wooden floors and loneliness. The majority of people do not know this side of Old Main but those that have been in trouble or know the haunted rumors, view Old Main as a space of fear and emptiness. The omniscient atmosphere creates a space of authority and obedience. At night, Old Main purposefully portrays negative affects and consequences of disobedience in college, in order to invoke fear into past and future offenders to stop the defiance. This image contradicts what Old Main was meant to stand for in 1891; it was intended to promote an area for education and social networking, however today that is not the case. Old Main is now a space of negativity and emptiness with ghostly history. 


  1. I find your comparison of night to the darkness of dicipline very effective. I am slightly confused with the last couple lines though, do you mean that just at night or all the times Old main is negative?

  2. i really like how you say old main at night "promotes discipline". how does it do this? what is different about the building at night than during the day? why does old main not "promote discipline" during the day as well? this would be a good point to analze
    i also like how you talked about how different people view the building differently. for people who are in trouble, they see the building as negative but other people see it as a place for recreation

  3. this is such a great analysis of this space. might want to clarify how only at night does it take on this eerie representation