Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final-essay 2

This assignment allowed me to reconsider the purposes of Old Main and it made me realize that Old Main has an alter ego, creating two spaces, and yet both contribute to its overall purpose. Old Main is an ancient place that promotes a space of enjoyment and fear. These contradicting spaces emphasize the purpose of Old Main, which is to secure the University of Arizona’s identity of socialization and control. As the center and first building of U of A, Old Main has a duty to uphold and enhance the community surrounding it. I am particularly happy that my group agreed to do this assignment on Old Main because I have a new perspective of it, a deeper meaning and thus a stronger connection to it (and the University of Arizona). I live off campus and I take a shuttle everyday to school, therefore, I see Old Main everyday. I have seen Old Main during the afternoon, the early morning, and night fall, however I never stopped to understand how it gave off the different atmospheres that it did. After this assignment, I now understand the different stages of Old Main, the glory (during the day), the transition (early morning), and the dreadfulness (night fall). This assignment allowed me to understand the true purpose of Old Main and how it accomplishes it.

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