Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final-essay 2

The purpose of this assignment is to have us reconsider a place that we are acquainted with in order to get a deeper understanding of the place and truly connect to it; to take a step back and analyze the area from an outsider's perspective. To abstractly look at a place compared to its physical appearance, to re-imagine and consider all the aspects that create the place. My group chose Old Main because to us, it is one of the most memorable buildings on campus. Old Main is positioned perfectly in the center of the University of Arizona, which makes it a place of continuous interactions, especially by those that are new to the campus. Physically, Old Main is an aged building but it creates a space of acceptance and relaxation, however at night, its alter ego is revealed. After dark, Old Main morphs into an alter ego of negativity, punishment and fear; resembling that of a haunted house. Interpretations of Old Main depend upon the time of day one visits and the individual’s reason for the visit. Old Main is either a place that signifies one of U of A’s relaxation areas or a place that reflects the dreadfulness of U of A. The different atmospheres between day and night both emphasize on the space and purpose that Old Main promotes.

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