Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final-essay 2

Here, Old Main reflects the peaceful, fun loving atmosphere of U of A. People are what make Old Main a social space. Visitors are welcomed by the animated environment, it portrays a sense of hospitality: come enjoy the spirit of U of A through Old Main. People are sitting on the benches, relaxing, hidden away to read their books or sleep, others are walking through the fresh green grass, and some are casually riding along side it. The picture seems almost too perfect with the luscious colors of nature and the happy faces of the people, but for them Old Main is a place of simplicity and peacefulness. Old Main is a space of social gathering; mothers stroll their children the grass, men play Frisbee, students sit on the bench near the waterfall.
This picture illustrates Old Main as the center of campus. The angle is coming from the street, which leads to the entrance. It’s the first thing that visitors see upon entering U of A; it’s the first thing one sees everyday because it’s the drop off point for all of the shuttles. For most it is the source of direction, the way they find other buildings on campus by associating it with Old Main; the source of direction. Old Main demonstrates and promotes one of the many societal gatherings on the campus of the University of Arizona, however Old Main is unique in that it’s not always a space of peace. It’s a casual place by day, but at night, old main embodies the atmosphere of a haunted house. However, few notice the spookiness of Old Main because most people relax at Old Main during the day and at night they disregard that the building even exists and if they happen to notice it they walk a little faster.

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