Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final-essay 2

In 1891, Old main opened its doors and was the first building to house classes for the University of Arizona. There were about 32 students that day and Old Main contained everything for them: classes, rooms for students and staff. It was the heart of the school and that stays true today. Geographically, Old Main is at the center of the campus and this picture demonstrates this because Old Main is significantly between two massive trees, its what draws the viewers attention first. On the map of U of A, it illustrates how the college expanded and branched out from Old Main; like the buildings that stemmed from Old Main the purpose also did as well: to unify the student body.
Today, Old Main is smaller in size because it was rebuilt due to a fire, and its purpose is to house the Dean of Students. Old main looks like a peaceful place with luscious green grass, crimson brick walls, wide open porches, and surrounded by massive trees. During the day Old Main is a place of clear serenity, an inviting place, the place yearns to become the space. The setup of Old Main is clear and open purposely to promote social gatherings and unite students. Being the first building of the University of Arizona, Old main attempts to sustain that importance of leadership by establishing and building upon the body of students. The following picture illustrates the social networking space that Old Main entails.

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