Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final-essay 2

At first glance, one might assume that Old Main is a space of coziness, relaxation and peacefulness, due to its older Victorian style house with a rap around porch, the benches and fresh air. Its actually inviting, however, this welcoming picture is perceived differently from those that know the haunted tails of Old Main. One of the reasons why Old Main is considered haunted is because the first building was burned down in a fire and it is marked by death. During the reconstruction of Old Main a man was found dead. This man was in charge of the rebuilding of Old Main, but his body was found on the second floor, he had been murdered and his killer was never found. This tragic story emphasizes the disturbances of Old Main. This reflects the transition of Old Main from a space of education to a space of fear. U of A plays off this new outlook of dread to establish its authority; they use the stigma to promote discipline.
For instance, students that are caught in possession of alcohol, they attend Old Main for the consequences. These individuals now associate Old Main with negative attributes and the spookiness of the building accentuates these feelings even more. However, for those students that have not been to Old Main for lack of obedience find that it’s a peaceful place. Thus, the individuals that socialize around Old Main may perceive it as either a place of dread or of serenity. This picture reflects both sides because it was taken in the early morning in it’s transition phase, between the night time fear and the afternoon relaxation. Like all places, the space is enhanced by the viewers’ perspectives and that individual’s knowledge influences their outlook. For instance, those that are aware of Old Main’s gloomy past and its containment of the Dean of Students will most likely avoid Old Main and view this picture as wearisome. Others that are unaware of this information may view this picture as comfortable and relaxing. It depends on the person’s knowledge and interactions they associate with Old Main, however the purpose remains the same: the promotion of socialization and discipline.

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